Virtual Racer

A winning car is a dirty car!

Virtual Racer On duminică, 21 iulie 2013

My first rally with C2, my little powerful Super 1600 car. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Virtual Racer On sâmbătă, 20 iulie 2013

I made a video with 2 crashes with my C2.

Virtual Racer On marți, 16 iulie 2013

I just tested my new C2. I like this 2WD car:

Virtual Racer On sâmbătă, 13 iulie 2013

A crazy rallycross with powerful cars, crashes, high speed and beautiful turns.

Virtual Racer On duminică, 30 iunie 2013

I promise you that this version is most spectacular than the original version.

Virtual Racer On sâmbătă, 29 iunie 2013

Hello. Sorry for my long absence, but after the last crash I had some problems and I could not post on the blog. But now I'm back and I promise I will try to post daily.
Today you will see a race in Japan, the place where I crashed my car. It was a beautiful race, with wide streets, but also hard because of many turns.

Virtual Racer On miercuri, 5 iunie 2013

Today I will show you just a crash, made at a test in Japan. It was an interesting accident, caused by wet tarmac and high speed. Even if it was a violent crash, everything was ok and the car is already repaired and prepared for Arai Rally.